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Adhesives for construction since 1967 in Spain, today worldwide


Papresa is living history on construction sector; founded in 1967 by a group of people related with construction sector, in the beginning was dedicated to plaster board manufacturation.

Thanks to the family of workers who have dedicated and dedicate their work to this big company, nowadays it has a name at national and international level, keeping the values that from the beginning have been defended: Responsibility, commitment and quality.

Is on the vanguard of the market because of its research + development department, offering new and innovative products, focused to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

Was founded and has its headquarters in Valladolid.

In this way, has projects to go on with its expansion and consolidate its position in the national and international market.

For all these reasons, we can say that Papresa is a company of past, present and specially, of future.



Gypsum Adhesives

Papresa enlucido "L"

Paste to cover gotelé and smooth walls

Papresa tabique pasta de agarre "T"

Professional glue for the placement of partition walls. Grab paste

Tile Adhesives

Panzer (C1T)

Glue cement for interior and exterior tile placement

Panzer ExtraFlex (C2TE-S1)

High performance glue cement for tiling, porcelain flooring and underfloor heating

Panzer Flex (C2TE)

Glue cement for tiling and flooring of porcelain and underfloor heating

Panzer Semiflex (C2TE)

Semi-flexible glue cement for tiled and sunny pools, porcelain

Panzer Tabique

Glue mortar for fixing large-format brick

Panzer Especial Yeso (C1T)

Glue cement for tiling on plaster surfaces and for laminated plasterboard

Joint sealers


Paste to fill tile and tile joints

Pasta de Juntas / Normal y Rápida

Special paste for grouting laminated plasterboard


Mortero Seco Proyección

Water-resistant spray mortar to fi x fiber plates and rock wool

Mortero seco

Mortar ready for kneading for masonry work

Mortero refractario

Mortar for the construction of barbecues and chimneys

Shikkui 0,5

Ultra-white deformable flexible mortar

Shikkui 1,5

Ultra-white deformable flexible mortar

Levelling mortar


Special self-leveling mortar for soil leveling



Additive to reinforce and waterproof mortars and paints


Ultra-fast waterproof sealing adhesive

Other Products

Yeso controlado BL/15/2

It is a thick plaster of manual application construction and slow setting

Yeso Proyección Aligerado B4/50/2

It is a lightweight plaster of construction of mechanical application and slow setting

Yeso Rápido YG B1/5/2

It is a thick plaster of construction of manual application and fast setting.

Hormigón Betón

It is a dry prepared concrete for construction

Escayola Papresa

Construction plaster of maximum fineness and whiteness.

Papresa Shikkui (PAPREFIN)

Ultrawhite flexible finish paste

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